Nov. 13, 2020

Small Town - Big Island

" One noteworthy change during this pandemic year is the growing national trend to abandon big city living for smaller towns and less densely populated areas. This is definitely something that will impact Amelia Island even further as a real estate destination. The October Amelia Island MLS sales data has home sales up 65% and median pricing up 22.9%. An element of this also is the desire to have more indoor living space and outdoor activity space either at home or nearby. Amelia Island with its moderate winter temperatures allows for this all year whether its golfing, walking on the beach, miles of bike trails, eating at dozens of year round outdoor dining options, to nearly every house here having a Florida room or outdoor patio. Our "small town" way of life encompasses everything from very little island traffic and no horn honking to super friendly residents to our quaint historic downtown Fernandina Beach with events year round. Not to mention the entire south half of the island actually only has one traffic light! It seems that a common theme among many residents that have moved here (myself included) is that they may have enjoyed a more intense and urban lifestyle earlier in their lives but easier island living has happily replaced that.

Definitely the most widely reported big city that residents are leaving this pandemic year is New York City. Coincidently Amelia Island and Manhattan are virtually the exact same size. Both are 13 miles long and just under 3 miles wide at their widest points. Luckily for us our 13 mile long coastline is continuous wide open sandy beaches which still is our biggest attraction. Amelia Island is spread out quite a bit so there is not a feeling of congestion either with traffic or housing options. With remote working becoming more of a fixture for some, Amelia Island is an option worth exploring.


Regarding local Covid-19 news our Health Dept. announced that positivity rates are dropping and last week it was down to 3.77% with no current patients in our local hospital ICU. There has however been a recent outbreak at an on island assisted living facility among residents and staff that have impacted our recent cases. Update: Cases did increase in Nassau County later in November to an average of approx. 20 per day. (Source: Florida Health Dept.) " - Gary Farnsworth


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