Oct. 7, 2020

October Amelia Island News Update

"Fall is approaching on Amelia Island with daytime temps now in the low 80's or high 70's and our first morning temps in the 60's have already arrived. This morning we had our first seasonal coastal fog roll in briefly off the ocean which is one more un-Florida like thing about Amelia. One final note on the summer here. It was relatively normal here from a local residents perspective and life here becomes more normal each day. Our schools are open, new restaurants and businesses are opening, Florida now allows 100% restaurant capacity and all businesses open, two new hotels are under construction on the north end and our county unemployment rate is dropping and now at 4.9% (Source: News-Leader). Our local economy is very much stronger than the downturn of 2009 if your gauge is new businesses and busy existing ones.

I have mentioned the local real estate market previously and there is no lessening or changes on the horizon. September 2020 home sales were up 56% over 2019! People from northern parts are driving this pandemic market by making lifestyle decisions and heading here and throughout Florida. In the process prices are increasing and sales are quickening. Fran and I just had a pool home listing across from the Ritz-Carlton sell in 36 hours. Likely helping is that the virus here has been lessening quite a bit from an early summer spike. We have had recent days with only 4-5 cases in the entire county and it is a large county (Source: FlaDeptHealth). 

As I mentioned in the spring, Amelia Island is still a great place to live in 2020. Stay tuned, I will be doing these local News Updates each month." - Gary Farnsworth


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